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Not sure what you want? Or just want something simple?

Check out these template headers & buttons!

I’ll only sell one version of these, so don’t worry about seeing someone else with the same one.  These are cheaper than starting from scratch. Only $15 for the header and button, $10 for just a header, or $5 for just a button. I will customize the font, and other small changes for no extra charge.

{To request one click here!}

Corner Light Header

Corner Light Button

Black Grass Header

black grass headerBlack Grass Button

black grass button

Boat Template Header

boat template

Boat Template Button

boat template button

Blue Drop Header

blue drop header

Blue Drop Button

blue drop buttonRainbow Circles Header Template

rainbowcircles headerRainbow Circles Header Button

rainbowcircles button

Sparkle Header 1

sparkle1 headerSparkle Header 2

sparkle1 buttonStone Header Template

stones headerStone Button Template

stones button

Cupcake Header

cupcake headerCupcake Button

cupcake button

Apple Tree Header

apple tree headerApple Tree Button

apple tree buttonCircles Header Template

circle templateCircle Button Template

circle template button

Water Template Header

water template headerWater Template Button

water template buttonButterfly Template Header

butterfly template headerButterfly Template Button

butterfly template button

2 Comments leave one →
  1. November 8, 2009 4:39 pm

    The cupcakes are fantastic, I’ve seen a few baking blogs that those would look fantastic on!

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